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There are a lot of claims made by skincare companies today, it’s hard to make sense of it all.  Your wallet hit hard by and your bathroom full of half empty jars and the wrinkles on your face seem to be proliferating.  Finding a anti-wrinkle cream is all about studying the latest skin technology.  We can put a rover on Mars and yes we can prevent and improve wrinkles.  Matrixyl®3000 is a patented, anti-aging active ingredient from France and one of the most potent age fighters on the planet yet few people know about it.

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Function:  Anti-wrinkle and lifting effect.

45% less wrinkles in 2 months

Definition: Matrixyl®3000 contains two matrikines®, Pal-GHK and Pal-GQPR which act in synergy to restore and maintain skin’s youthful appearance.

Properties: Matrixyl®3000 contains matrikines which are messengers of cutaneous restructuration and repair. They activate the neosynthesis of extracellular matrix macromecules providing Matrixyl®3000 with a visible anti-wrinkle efficacy.

Characteristics: As messenger molecules, matrikines® are capable of regulating cell activities. They interact with specific receptors to activate certain genes involved in the process of extracellular matrix renewal and cell proliferation. With age these mechanisms become progressively weaker.

Click on the link below to view Clinical Study of Matrixyl® 3000.

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The best products we’ve seen with potent levels of  Matrixyl® 3000 is Anti-aging Skin Preserver™ by Iconic Skincare available at http://www.Iconicskin.com.